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Buying eyeglasses online is simple and easy !
From the sidebar Select the eyeglasses frame you want to purchase by moving your mouse over the styles
  Use the mouse to click on it
  Click on "Details"
  Select the available type of eyeglasses you want to order, for example :
  • Distance eyeglasses
  • Reading glasses
  • Fashion Wear
  • Computer eyewear
  • Frame only
  • Bifocals ( visible to you when the frame is capable of bifocals )
  • Progressive eyeglasses ( visible to you when the frame is capable of Progressive eyeglasses )
  Select a frame color
  Select an anti glare coating ( recommended )
  Select a lens type, 1.56 index single vision is included at no extra charge, there will be a charge however if the prescription is stronger than - 8.00 ( - 8.25, - 8.50, etc) or + 4.00 ( + 4.25, + 4.50, etc).
  If you want a permanent color on the lenses select a lens color tint, otherwise just do not make any selection here.

Enter the prescription you have from your eye doctor. If your prescription have a PRISM correction click on the "I have prism correction" box.

Enter the SPH, spherical number from the first line on your prescription into the SPH box, for PL, SPH or PLANO, leave the number as 0.

CYL box, If you have a CYLINDER number enter it here. D.S., DS or SPH means that you do not have an astigmatism, so leave the number as 0.

PLEASE CHECK THE - ( NEGATIVE ) or + ( POSITIVE ) in front of the SPHERICAL and or the CYLINDRICAL number.

  Enter the PD number
  Select the quantity you want to order and click on the "Add to Cart" button.